A Slow Walk Of Trees Summary

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Your Name ENGL 1010 Professor LastName 55 June 2011 Structural Analysis of “A Slow Walk of Trees” By definition, comparing is considering how things are similar, and contrasting is considering how things are different. In writing, comparing and contrasting can be an effective way for an author to achieve his or her overall purpose, which may be to show that one thing is better than another, things that seem different are actually alike, or things that seem alike are actually different. Toni Morrison’s “A Slow Walk of Trees” is a great example of a well-structured comparison and contrast essay because of its logical and meaningful comparison-contrast relationships, sensible organization, and effective use of transitions. The essay begins with an account of a frightful childhood experience of the grandfather. This account intrigues the reader, and provides him or her with a bit of insight as to the development of the grandfather’s views regarding white people.…show more content…
For example, when the narrator speaks of the contrasting views of the parents she says, “[Her] mother, however, believed in them—their possibilities” (Morrison 366). The use of this transition provides the reader with a clear understanding of the different views held by the parents. Additionally, the effective use of transitions allows the reader to clearly see when subjects are being contrasted, and lends to the cohesiveness of the essay. In the end, the structural strength of “A Slow Walk of Trees” lies in its sensible and meaningful comparison-contrast relationships, systematic organization, and clear transitions. Together, these structural elements weave together a coherent, easy-to-read essay that provides the reader with the points needed to effectively convey Morrison’s message, without him or her getting lost in the
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