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“Striving to Make it My Home” Various forms of human bondage existed from early times. Sumerians in Mesopotamia relied on slave labor before 3000 BC, along with the ancient Egyptians. China had slavery during the Han dynasty, and the societies of classical Greece and Rome made heavy use of slave labor from the 6th century BC through the 5th century AD. Slaves were captured, traded, sold, even bred. The lives of the slaves were extremely harsh, none of us could even fathom living in such a manner. Marion L. Starkey, author of the book “Striving to Make it My Home,” yearned to learn more about African life, the slave trade, and the lives of slaves once they reached America. She was born and raised in the United States and was an English…show more content…
On September 9, 1739, an African man led a march from Charleston toward Florida where he believed he would gain freedom once he reached Spanish land. Other slaves joined and their numbers grew to nearly 100. Along the way they killed dozens of white folks on their way, in what became known as the Stono Rebellion. Georgia, the last free colony, legalized slavery in 1750. When this happened, it meant that slavery was now legal in all of the thirteen British colonies that would eventually become the United States of America. Many African Americans had high hopes that the independence from Britain would apply to them. These hopes, however, would be crushed and the end of enslavement for black Americans wouldn’t come for another century. Before having read this book I never had realized how few primary sources there actually were on the life of African immigrants. There is only a handful written by actual slaves, rather than just stories passed on and written many years later by third parties. Marion Starkey painted a clear picture of what life was like in the struggle for African Americans to make America home. I hadn’t realized the rarity of this book when I found it in the library. This book has made me want to read the actual accounts of the people it includes. Marian Starkey has written several other books concerning slavery in America. I intend to read more of her

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