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Starbucks strike in Chile Coffee is a high consumption export product in many Latin American countries. Consumers may be aware of the disparity between how much they pay for a cup of coffee and how much the coffee farmers in faraway countries may make, but perhaps they don't realize that what they pay may be more even than their barista's hourly wage In 2011 Starbucks excused themselves due to the economic recession, to the baristas it did not make sense that their prior benefits were being cut off, their salaries were staying the same and the yearly employee company party was cancelled while the top management went for a planning retreat to the Chilean South, complete with horseback riding and hot springs. Starbuck's is a company...a corporation. As such its only obligation is to make money for its stockholders. Consumers are key to change these practices. THINK before BUYING anything. If the prices Starbucks charges in Chile for their products are similar to those in the USA, why are their salaries lower? It isn't possible that a tall latte prepared in 3 minutes is worth more than a barista's hourly wage. What is the minimum wage in Chile? What does a cup of coffee cost in Chile? What does lunch cost in Chile? Is $2.50 an hour the going wage for unskilled labor? These questions play a big part in if this is really an ethical issue. U.S customer reaction jump to conclusion without knowing all the facts. Minimum wage set at US$386 per month in Chili. I don't think being paid $2.50 is that bad for the job they do considering the culture and all the other benefits they are getting that US barista’s are not getting. Starbucks spokesman Jim Olson says entry level pay for baristas in Chile is $3.30, depending on various employee elective deductions like healthcare and retirement contributions the average net is $2.50. On average he says baristas salaries are 30%

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