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The perceptions of belonging and not belonging can be influenced by connections to relationships. This idea is illustrated In the Film Strictly Ballroom by Baz Luhmann and the song She’s leaving home by the Beatles. Making a choice not to belong will take courage to stand up to the majority group. The character of scott stands up to the dancing world after becoming boxed when in a competition by two other dancers by dancing his own moves to escape from being boxed in. This shows the true identity of who Scott truly wishes to be and how he wants to break outside the mould of what his Mother and the Ballroom dancing community thing he should be. The techniques of the camera panning along with slow motion of Scott’s dancing allows for the audience to take in what is being shown The fast cuts to the faces of Mrs hasting Scott’s mother, Harry fife and other dance judges show looks of shock and disapproval of the moves he is doing. The Judges are seen through a low angle shot making the audience feel a sense of the power and authority the judges possess. Similarly in the Song “she is leaving home” this idea is expressed through the character of the daughter who has made a choice to leave her family and seek out what she truly desires the quote "She's leaving home after living alone for so many years" the technique of irony is show as home is meant to be a place where you belong yet she has felt alone when she lived there. Also assonance is used the long O sound create a smooth long sound to the phrase. It indicates that living in the way of her parents is not what she was wanting and in order to find her true identity she needs to leave them and live a different life. Not belong to a community may cause alienation and marginalisation. The character of Fran has been marginalised due to her identity. Her family having a different culture has caused Fran to feel

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