Strictly Ballroom Stylistic Analysis

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The beginning scene in Strictly Ballroom shows a white background, into which enters the shadows of Scott and his friends as they are hi-fiving each other and talking to each other. The use of the black and white silhouettes shows the connection of Scott and his friends in the world of ballroom dancing as they are all together and all just shadows, showing how all of them are similar to each other with no one being different, their individuality and identity are all stripped away from them as they are all the same and all belong together as a group of dancers bound by the strict rules of federation. With the use of the smoothing music in the background, a sense of connectedness and closeness is created between Scott and the ballroom dancing…show more content…
His internal struggle with his choice of which decision to make and whether to win for his father or dance his own steps is expressed through the tug-of-war that he has with his mother and father. The close up shot of Scott's facial expression shows his confusion of the choice that he has to make, either to conform to the world of ballroom and dance federation steps or to continue to be different and dance his own steps with Fran. The suspenseful music in the background in the tug-of-war scene builds up tension towards Scott's final decision to stand out and be different or to conform. His final decision is made once Doug said " we lived our lives in fear" as the words echoed in his head, Scott comes to a realisation and makes up his mind to dance his own steps in the pan pacific. belong to Australia are shown through the use of Metaphor when he stepped onto Australian soil, " I felt I was born again" allows him to have a sense of connection to Australia. His incorrect expression shows that he is an outsider coming into this new place and have an immediate change becoming a new person, a person that belongs to the

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