Strictly Ballroom Belonging Essay

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A universally profound inherent condition is belonging, as it creates an internal sense of security and acceptance within a group or community. An individual’s choice to belong or not is based solely on their personal perception, which is shaped by their cultural, social, personal and historical contexts. Identity, understanding, conformity and individuality are pertinent to this concept. The different contradictory outlooks of belonging are exemplified through Baz Luhrmann’s film ‘Strictly Ballroom’ and the novel ‘Accidental Billionaire’ by Ben Mezrich. Luhrmann’s ‘Strictly Ballroom’ explores the idea that one’s desire to belong can often intervene with the anticipated desire to obtain one’s individuality. In the film, dance acts as a metaphor for life, this is thoroughly expressed throughout a series of scenes. The protagonist often expresses his desire to articulate he’s own identity through the emotive language, “I just want to dance my own steps” and “I’m sick of dancing someone else dance”. It is seen unambiguously that…show more content…
This extract from the novel particularly looks at the importance of belonging in life. Through the characterisation of Eduardo, it is seen evident that he has a strong sense of desire to affiliate with the community, so much that he would even deceive that community. This is seen evident through the use of the colloquial language “honed his bullshit skills”. The repeated colloquialism emphasises the contrast between the informality of the use of language and the formality of the cocktail party which stresses Eduardo’s feeling of not belonging. This contrast is further apparent through the juxtaposition of “honed” with “bullshit”. Further evidence of Eduardo adapting his behaviour in order to increase his chances of belonging is clear from his willingness to use “creative

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