Stretching Benefits Before And After

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Stretching Alex Choi Lifetime To: Mr. Domingo Why is stretching our body before going out for a workout, or doing a sport so important to us? Stretching decreases the amount of soreness after the exercise, also improves circulation for a better performance, improves ability to relax, etc. Stretching is a benefactor in all kind of sports because it is the best way to prevent cramps, muscle disorders, etc. Stretching is always done in warm ups, cool downs, and for people who can’t do excessive exercises. Most professional players such as Cristiano Ronaldo start warming up their bodies every single day by stretching properly. The always stretch their thighs, ankles, lower back, shoulders, etc. to have a better performance on their area of expertise. Warming up before the game or work out helps raise the temperature of the body so that the athlete is ready for any fast movements without causing cardiovascular problems. As well to prevent any cardiovascular problems, stretching also provides oxygen to the muscles, so that the muscles don’t cramp during the exercise. And of course, stretching helps the mind to prepares the mind for the physical action to come. Why cool down after working out, or having an excessive game? The reasons are pretty similar to the reasons that were told on the reasons of why stretching before an exercise, but somehow vice versa. First, stretching after the workout or game helps muscles and tendons which are tighten to loosen. This helps a lot to the body because it will help definitely the body from having cramps, muscle pulling, and letting the muscles to become stiff. Stretching is also really important especially to people who are trying to lose weight because the wastes, such as lactic acid may stay in the body after working out. It builds up in the muscles which don’t help the body to look fit. All these benefits can’t

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