Stress Related Illness: Coronary Heart Disease and Treatment Plan

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Abstract The impact of stress on a person’s life is well documented. The effect of stress on cortisol and catecholamine levels leading to atherosclerosis and resulting in coronary artery disease may leave the person with a poorer quality of life. Medical interventions for heart disease include medication to lower cholesterol and vasodilator to assist blood flow to the heart. Treatments for stress are antidepressants and therapeutic techniques. In this case study, the personality of a heart disease candidate is discussed and the nature of the illness and its effects on the person. A treatment plan is discussed including medical interventions and therapeutic treatments to complement medical treatment. Stress related illness: Coronary heart disease and treatment plan This essay looks at the effects of stress on a person and the relevant treatments. Martyn is our model for a typical victim of coronary disease. Symptoms of the illness, physiological and psychological effects will be discussed including the likely changes it will have on Martyn. Stressors arising from the illness will be discussed and their treatment. The second half of the essay will be the comprehensive treatment plan providing three stress-management techniques; explanations as to why these techniques were chosen and why each technique is appropriate for the person, the illness and the stressors involved. Martyn is a 57 year old man and was working Monday to Saturday for a cleaning company. According to Martyn’s wife their marriage broke up because Martyn has anger problems. Martyn is also very controlling, impatient, and too driven to make money at all costs and quite competitive - clearly a type A personality. Six months after the brake up, Martyn suffered a terrible chest pain and was hospitalised and underwent an angioplasty the following day. His plan to move

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