Stress Profile Essay

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Stress is defined as “the process by which we perceive and respond to certain events, called stressors, that we praise as threatening or challenging” (Myers, 2012, page 275). Stress is about an individual or is personal and is affected by the choices the person makes as an individual. The stress that is bad for you deprives you the ability to experience joy, happiness, enjoy life and who you are. That is why it is very important to recognize symptoms of stress and identify ways to bring the stress under control. The good stress is the kind that will help keep you motivated to be productive and be able to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. A person’s stress level can range from low to high. When the stress level is low the stress hormones produced will trigger stressors for boredom and depression while high-level stress triggers stressors for anxiety or excitement. Since the body reacts by producing stress hormones that will help take proper action, if you are experiencing more than one type of stressor you can use one to prevent yourself from experiencing or dealing with the other one. For example each time my husband is deployed I use the work, school and family problems stressors to distract me from worrying about him being in a dangerous mission. Personal stressors are all those events a person gets to experience in life that can be harmful to the person’s wellbeing. Five of my personal stressors that I have identified are bereavement – Although I do not experience death of a friend or a family member everyday, the thought of it stresses me out a lot. Being far from my family members each time the phone rings there is fear of being told that someone died. When my husband is deployed each time the doorbell rings it stresses me because I begin to wonder if someone has brought me bad news. Financial concerns – money is essential to a certain point of
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