stress- mature student

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Christopher Duffy “Discuss how stress can affect the mature student and how one can reduce the impact of it” Applied writing May 2009-02-18 Introduction This essay will focus on the causes and effect of stress in the mature student as well as examining ways of identifying and combating stress. It will discuss exactly what, if anything makes the lives of mature students more stressful than other students. Results of a recent study published in a British journal of educational taking over 2 year period on 134 university students found that “mature students achieved a higher final degree GPA compared to younger under graduates, with female mature students significantly out performing their counter parts in each assessment” (shared). These results would indicate that a mature student feels less stressed than a younger one, however a results are based solely on academic success in can be assumed that this is due to maturity levels and a greater understanding of what they want, it is hard to learn anything on the students state of mind during this period. According to figures published by the HEA (Higher Education Authority) 9.4% of third level students are mature students (2008). The average student, be they mature or of a secondary school leaving age will feel similar stress whilst attending third level education. One of the main stressors for students being the difference in the workload they will now have to endure. Taking numerous classes and having deadlines to meet can be both psychologically and physically exhausting. Even attending school can be a stressful move for some, be it that they are away from home for the first time or simply the fact that they find themselves in new challenging social situations can make the student stressed. The lead up to exams can be another
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