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One cognitive behavioural method of stress management is SIT- stress inoculation therapy. Meichenbaum suggested that a person could inoculate themselves against stress the same as we receive inoculations of disease. He proposed three main phases to the SIT process- conceptualisation phase, skills acquisition phase (and rehearsal) and the application phase. First, the conceptualisation phase establishes a relationship between the therapist and the client and the client is educated about the nature and impact of stress. In the skills acquisition phase, coping skills are taught and practised, including positive thinking and relaxation. Finally in the application phase, clients are given opportunities to apply the newly learned coping skills in different situations which may become increasingly stressful. Various techniques may be used such as imagery, modelling and role playing. Clients may even be asked to help train others. Booster sessions are offered later on. A strength of SIT is its usefulness as it is very useful in dealing with future stresses. SIT requires you to inoculate yourself from future stressors which give a long lasting solution to a problem. SIT can be said to be highly useful in dealing with stress in the present and the future. It has also been found to be effective in generally treating anxiety and stress. Sheeny and Horan examined the effects of SIT on anxiety, stress and exam performance. It was found that after 4 sessions students showed lower levels of anxiety and higher levels of academic success. Sit is therefore a very effective treatment of anxiety and stress. A weakness is the effectiveness of the different components of SIT therapy has been brought into disrepute. Some components of SIT therapy may be highly effective such as positive thinking etc, but the other time consuming elements may not be effective and may simply be a way of

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