Stress In Law Enforcement

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Stress is an emotional reaction that every living body goes through. There are many way that the body reacts to stress. When the body undergoes stress, its producing energy to either run away, or fight the situation. Stress comes within negative and positive energies. Positive stress is the kind of stress we look forward too but present issues our body may not be prepared, such as weddings, or vacations. On the other hand, negative stress which we mostly undergo, come in crisis situations which we cannot cope with. All negative stress are considered feeling sad, depressed, angry or fear. For example, stress comes when you are fearful and have no control over your reaction. There are many ways to help reduce stress. Too much stress can kill you because it drains all your energy, your body simply gives up. Ways to reduce stress can be exercise, listening to music or sleeping. This may only reduce stress. To take away stress you may need…show more content…
Police officers, fire fighters, and which I believe is most stressful, correction officers undergo a very significant amount of stress everyday. In the text, “Protect Your Life” by Umeh, article “The Police Supervisor and Stress, pg 87”, says that stress may occur in three stages: alarm reaction, resistance and exhaustion. As I mentioned, stress gives you the energy to runaway or fight, the article phrases this as “fight-or-flight”. This is the beginning of the alarm reaction stage. Your body is preparing itself to under go stress. “Heart rate, blood pressure, and muscle tone increases. The secretion of adrenaline heightens awareness, a crucial survival factor for police officers confronted with life-death situations.” Resistance is when your insides, such as the heart, your blood pressure and organs over work itself and continues to “fight-or-flight”. And exhaustion is over working your body which can conclude to heart and health problems and even

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