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Stress in College Essay

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  • on October 9, 2013
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Below is an essay on "Stress in College" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Stress in College

Leaving home for the first time and going to for school can be very hard for some people. In many cases for college freshmen this is their first time being away from their home and parents. Many times they get home sick and want to isolate themselves. They have to get into a new routine of going to school, and change can be very difficult. It is definitely hard to get into the swing of college. They have to navigate through classes in a new format while living away from all the comforts of parents. A college student’s life usually consists of attending classes, long hours of studying, working at a job (sometimes), and having a social life. Some students work at a job or study harder than others, but they are all trying to get degrees so maybe one day they will have what one might call meaningful or significant lives. It is a constant struggle for everyone who is trying desperately to make him or herself into a success. And every college student wants to be involved with something in order to further their education, or just have fun.   The struggle consists of demands on time, financial pressures, parental pressure and conflicts, interpersonal conflicts, managing freedom, peer and academic pressure and the transitional period to a new academic environment. All of these factors combined can cause emotional disturbances and one of the most common is stress.
Every person will experience some degree of stress in his or her life. Stress can be healthy. Stress can make a person feel hopeless, helpless, and powerless. Constant worry about
problems can cause a diversity of physical symptoms. Some people face stress more than others do. Gender, age, and finance is a major influence on how a person experience stress in college.

Bettina (2001) conducted research on stress stating, ‘’coping strategies used by adolescents
prove that boys use more problems oriented, and direct action approaches to stress. Bettina
(2001) says, ‘’Girls use passive...

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