Stress In African American Culture

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Running Head: African American Women Culture: regarding stress and the preventions of stress African American Women Cultural: regarding stress and the prevention of stress Sandra Coleman Walden University Abstract A silent killer is among the black culture of women. Affecting all black women who fall in the path of its lethal sword, it wreaks havoc with the black women’s immune systems, causes coronary heart disease, gastrointestinal problem, and hastens cancers and psychological illnesses. The silent killer is identified as stress. Experts on mental health have stated that, overall, blacks experience more stress than whites do. Reasons for stress include…show more content…
They are the caregivers for those who are in need. Black women are portrayed as superwomen who are reliable and strong but yet resilient and emotionally unavailable. In addition, to a large degree, these characteristics are revered and are somewhat the standards for black women. Have black women paid the price for the superwoman role? By the 1990, homicide was the number one killer of the African American woman. A black woman was ten times more likely to be raped then a white woman, and slightly more likely to be a victim of domestic violence than a white woman. Today’s era of the American society still has not addressed the intimate details of the impact of racism on black women. When information is provided on post-traumatic stress disorder, it has been linked to a silent killer. The silent killer sinks and assaults one’s psyche, which can be as harmful as a physical blow. When the silent killer PTSD attacks black females physically, most black women then seek medical treatment (Simpson, 2006). How is PTSD developed? The cause of PTSD is still a mystery, but psychological, genetic, physical, and social factors could contribute to the development of PTSD. PTSD changes the body’s response to stress, which affects the stress hormones and neurotransmitters. If a black female has faced a trauma, the risk of triggering PTSD increases (Simpson, 2006).…show more content…
They are as tender and as scented as a full-bloomed rose. To understand the culture is a journey within itself. The history of African American women is very intriguing. African American women have had faith from the beginning of creation. Faith has been one of the cornerstones of the African American history. With faith, the black female's desire of feeling and achieving more is based on God’s law life. Our creator provides our every need. God would not give us the desire to achieve without the means to make it a reality. African American women in today’s era are walking in the path toward a higher level of achievement. With a steady focus and a convinced heart, and faith in God’ word, African American women's stress will be on the verge of decreasing. African American women who pray and go to church lower stress and blood pressure. Prayer and meditation is an outlet to reduce stress. The study of 5000 African-Africans found that spiritual people had lower blood pressure. African American women should surround themselves with people who are supportive and will help them deal with the stress of society. Many African American women will turn to their church for support and friends for understanding. Exercising regularly and eating correctly will also lower the risk of PSTD. The most and lastly thing is mediation and psychological counseling that can help with

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