Stress Communications Essay

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Executive Summary Throughout the course of this report it is explained how stress can occur in the workplace, how it can be recognised and effective ways of managing it. The report findings were gathered together through a variety of methods: Interviews, questionnaires, company documents and website research. Questionnaires and graphs can b found in the appendices. Results of the findings generally show that stress is not acknowledged enough within the workplace and Management and Employers are expected to work together with employees to prevent and tackle work related stress. Recommendations identified include: * Time out and a break is needed * Exercise more regularly to take the mind off any issues. * Talk to employers so that the problems can be addressed. Contents Executive Summary 2 Contents Page 3 2.0 Findings 5 2.1 Interview Research 5 2.2 Questionnaire Research 6 2.3 The health and Safety Executive Stress at work documents Research 7 2.4 Website Research 8 3.0 Conclusions 9 3.1 Conclusions to Interview Research 9 3.2 Conclusions to Questionnaire Research 9 3.3 Conclusions to Work Documents Research 9 3.4 Conclusions to Websites 9 4.0 Recommendations 10 5.0 Bibliography 11 6.0 Appendices 12 1.0 Introduction A report has been requested by Samantha Buchan, Human Resources Director of Abcol Limited. The aim of the report is to investigate the increase in staff related absence and ways of improving the current stress management policies in order to improve the company’s efficiency. The report is comprised of four main parts: 1.1 Interviews were carried out with Management regarding the causes of stress in the workplace and actions taken to tackle the stress. 1.2 Questionnaires were given to members of staff regarding potential stressors and their view on how stress can be alleviated. 1.3 The health and
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