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The Danger of Harassment and discrimination Jad Moawad NDU Course: ENL 105 Instructor: Rita Nasrallah Date of Submission: 13 December Outline I- Introduction II- Harassment A- Sexual harassment. B- Age related harassment. III- Discrimination A- Racial discrimination. B- Sexual orientation discrimination. C- Gender discrimination. IV- The consequences of harassment and discrimination A. Mental health consequences. B. Physical health consequences. C. Other outcomes. V- Conclusion The danger of harassment and discrimination Stress at work is usually caused by the harassment and the discrimination of the boss or the managers. In this decade, the number of these fragments is increasing, especially the sexual harassments and the racial discriminations (Barling, Kelloway & Frone, 2004). There is a difference between harassment and discrimination, the former one is a behavior that happens with specific cases, and the latter is a macro behavior that happens in larger cases (Barling, Kelloway & Frone, 2004). I’m going to write in this research about stress at work: harassment, discrimination and their consequences. The biggest type of harassment in these recent days is the sexual harassment. Some researchers say that half of the women have a high risk to be exposed to situations like these at the work place. A dangerous environment can have a big effect on this case because of the inequality between men and women (Barling, Kelloway & Frone, 2004). The same type of case takes place with men, but obviously in lower numbers than women. This category is included in the type of sex discrimination (Barling, Kelloway & Frone, 2004). In the work environment, the problem that people are facing is that there is a male dominance; this will increase the number of the sexual harassment. This study had a goal to

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