Stress and Well-Being Essay

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'Everyone has, everyone talking about it but only a few bothered to look for what the stress really is.' (Selye, Stress without Distress, 1974) This essay will evaluate the emergence, the processes and the consequences of the stress. Examines the stressors, the responses of the stress from psychological and physiological approach. At the second part it will present two well-known stress models, both of them are pioneers of their research area. Stress is the epidemic of the modern age. A kind of defence mechanism, response of the body for the external effects, neural and hormonal chain events what ensures the adaptability. Those unpredictable external forces, circumstances, stimuli what often seem uncontrollable and create stress response are called stressors. In the Psychology the stress disorder means that the indivudal interacts with its environment, warns to the threat of feeling which reacts to the person's own intergity and health, endanger the psychological and physical wellbeing. In ordinary meanings stress is a kind of constant tenseness, persistent anxiety, feeling of pressure, strain and insecurity, nervousness, depression, panic attacks, exhaustion, insomnia, overwhelmed,irritability, hairloss, weight loss or weight gain, sexual dysfunctions, hyper- or hypotension, indigestion, diarrhea or constipation. These symptoms are usually answers to one or more negative stimuli which (if it is chronic) can cause serious illnesses (e.g. heart disese) as it weakens the resistance of the body. When the demands, being placed on the individuals, exceed their ability to cope, then they experience stress. There is not only negative stress but short-term positive as well, called Eustress. Part of the everyday life, motivating, helps to be happy, positive and creative in daytime, reaching better performance in sport events and
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