Stress and Stress Related Disease Essay

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Every time we hear the word “stress,” many unpleasant thoughts come to our minds, making us feel stress thinking about stress. However, stress is not always a bad necessarily, as a matter of fact, stress is the non specific response of the body to any demands made upon it. Meaning that stress is the reaction of our system to stressors, whether good or bad situation, that is altering our daily living. The response of the body to stress is more dangerous than the actual stress itself. This is because stress should only be something momentary, however, we do not let got of things easily. This leads to a change in our biological system, leading our emotional health to be unstable. A researched based on predators’ levels of stress states that regardless if those predators catch or lose their prey, the stress is over and those will go back to their normal body state. However, in humans, even if we are away of the problem, we seem to be into the stress stage without a turn off switch. Not being able to shut down our stress, affects our health in a bad way. As there are simple symptoms of stress response, like breeding quickly and the presence of mouth ulcer or cold sores caused by a slowdown of the digestive system, there are also chronic biological responses. The brain and heart are the two main organs that get affected by stress, which can lead to long term consequences. One example of this are the “Dutch Hunger Winter” children, whom, based on research, experienced stress in their fetal stage, which could be reason of their current illness. Even though it is hard to understand how something that happened early in you life is really likely to affect you in the future, that is the reality of stress. When stress take place, arteries do not expand and the heart muscles do not give blood leading to a heart attack . Also, this state of mind causes the immune system to

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