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ITB (Institut Teknologi Brunei) HND in Mechanical Engineering [pic] Equilibrium of a Simply Supported Beam Student’s Name : Wong Chin Sen Roll No. : ME/25/032/09 Group : A Lecturer’s Name : Mr. Murhamdilah Date of Submission : Introduction This report is written to discuss about two experiments involving equilibrium of a simply supported beam. One of them is with only one load between the supports and the other is with two loads. When in equilibrium, the forces acting on a body are balanced. Hence, there should be no change in motion neither in linear or rotational. This includes the moments acting on the object. Hence the equation, By applying above equation in both the experiments two values were obtained that were the experimental value and the theoretical value. The experimental value was obtained by setting up the required equipment into or similar to Figure B. On the other hand the theoretical value was obtained through the mere calculations. [pic] [pic] Figure A Figure B Objective • It is to find out the reactions of a freely supported beam, loaded by concentrated loads and compare with those calculated theoretically. Apparatus 1. Lightweight and stable aluminum frame. 2. Supports fastened to the lower end of the frame fitted with dynamometers. 3. Knob to adjust the height of the support. 4. Steel beam. 5. Weight and hanger. 6. Rider with hook. Procedure First the supports were fixed with a distance L between them. Then the rider was pushed on the beam. Next the beam was placed on two supports such that the hook of the rider is at a distance x from left support. The distance of the hook from the right support is (L - x). Then the height of the support was adjusted using the rotary knob until the beam was horizontal. After

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