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Stress is considered the process by which we perceive and respond to certain events, called stressors, that we appraised as threatening or challenging. (Myers, 2015). In the field of psychology, stress plays an important role as it affects human behavior in various ways. For example, losing a job can be considered a stressful situation but considering if the person already hated his or her job then it can become a happy situation for them. In the field of psychology the different reactions a person can have during the time of stress are placed into these categories: physiological reaction, emotional reaction, and behavioral reaction. There are many possible reasons leading to these reactions due to stress. This makes it interesting for psychologists as an understanding of stress is very complex and interesting because every person has different notions of stress. Also, it is interesting for psychologists to study a problem with such variation which can negatively affect both mental and physical health. Stress is one of the biggest health problems being faced today and only a psychologist can help an individual outgrow and manage stress effectively. There are many sources of stress, but usually a person is stressed due to work, financial reasons, or health. Stress does not have a major impact on my life but a slight impact, compared to how it used to impact my life, because I have adopted a healthier lifestyle. Sometimes I face situational stress but it is less likely that I would face chronic stress situations. I have adopted daily exercise routines and a healthier diet in my lifestyle to try and avoid as much stress as possible. Recognizing the problem is always the first and most crucial step towards solving the problem. I personally know a few of my stressors and that is why it does not affect me as much as it does other people. Granted I cannot avoid stress as

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