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Stress manifests itself in different ways and can be caused due to a number of factors. What stresses out one person might not stress out the other. Having said that, everyone experiences stress from time to time, making it perfectly normal. Nevertheless, just because it is normal it does not mean that it does not harm us. When someone is stressed the mind-body harmony is disrupted and can cause various conditions like ulcers, high blood pressure, tension, burnout amongst others. To understand stress fully one must define it in terms of a person’s response to a personal experience rather than to an external factor. Stress in humans is a result of interactions between persons and certain environments they feel as straining making it difficult for them to adapt to it and therefore which threatens their well-being. This clearly shows that human stress response depends on differences in personality, as well as in differences in strengths and general health. Even though stress can be good, eustress, which is stress that results in increased productivity, in this assignment I will be reflecting on stress that causes distress. One of the main contributors to the stress I have at work is definitely the nursing staff shortage problem we have in Malta. As a result of this problem, many areas in my personal and working life are affected. Staff shortage is very stressful especially in the nursing profession because we still need to give, and are expected to give, consistent care whether we are short staffed or full staffed. This is difficult because staff shortages cause certain results that can hinder performance. Inadequate rest is something that all nurses experience at some point, let alone having to work extra shifts to meet the hospital needs. This lack of rest puts a strain on the different relationships we have both at work and in our personal life. I feel

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