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Assignment 2 stress Introduction This assignment is going to evaluate the two models of stress (general adaptive syndrome and transactional). It will firstly start off by evaluating general adaptive syndrome and showing the good and bad points of that model. It will then follow on to evaluate the transactional model and the good and bad points of that model. It will then analyse the way stress is measured and the good and bad points. It will then go on to choose a care setting and show how different people react to the type if scenario that is being introduced. It will then go on to conclude on everything. ‘The definition of stress is a physical, mental or environmental response to events that causes bodily or mental tension. Stress is any outside force or event that has an effect on our body or mind. Stress is one of the top health hazards we face today ‘Definitions of Stress (2010) The general adaptive syndrome has three stages alarm, resistance and exhaustion. The alarm stage is where you get the first signs of stress. The resistance stage is when you start to cope again. The exhaustion stage is when you have too much stress and you end up breaking down. Exhaustion stage is when anything can be too much and ends up pushing you over the edge stress wise (maladaptive ways). This model takes the biomedical view of people and how they deal with stress. The general adaptive syndrome shows a long term response to stressful situations which was identified by Selye in 1949. According to Selye ‘it is characterised by extremely high levels of adrenaline in the bloodstream, but without the rapid heart and pulse rates normally associated with adrenaline releases and changes to internal organs’. The research Selye showed that no matter what the source of stress was the effect would always be the same. This is a reductionist view. This model looks at the physiological

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