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For and Against Essay – Is stress good or bad Nowadays stress is the biggest problem many people must face. Generally, most people feel stressed at some point in their lives. Eventually, stress becomes a way of living for a lot of people. It makes people tense, irritable and affects concentration. What is worse, it damages health, causing different illnesses. It would be important to consider: which are the causes of stress? Is stress always bad? Or are there any cases in which stress has benefits? To begin with, it is important to consider that one of the most important disadvantage of suffering stress is that it can caused phobia, or a lot of different illnesses, This is due to the fact that living in a big urbanized society can push stress to dangerously high levels. Stress is a body reaction and its strength varies from person to person. It is true that certain amount of stress is unavoidable in life. Some important causes of high levels of stress are to sit for an exam, to give a speech in public, to undergo economic problems, or to work under pressure. Nowadays people need to work a lot of hours, and have to compete to guarantee a good position at work. So a large number of people also studies at night to get a degree and increase their salaries. In spite of all the efforts they make, they cannot live as they wish to. Too much pressure, violence and too much work without a good reward are situations which cause stress. Most people feel phobia, paralyze or become sick under these circumstances. Stress is nothing new but, at present, more and more people must deal with it. Another disadvantage is that, when we are under stress, our defense mechanisms release a hormone called adrenaline which increases our energy. This causes harmful effects to our bodies and minds. This can damage our health, causing different illnesses from heart attacks to asthma,

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