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Did you know that stress is strongly tied to cardiac disease, hypertension, inflammatory diseases, and possibly to cancer. Good afternoon today I’d like to talk about stress in teenagers. First/ what is stress? Stress is a normal physical response to events that affects your balance in different ways. Teenagers today live in a very competitive world. Although stress can be a good thing but too much stress is not good for anyone. =] there are some causes of stress. For instance, • School demands./ teenagers feel stress to fail their classes • Changes in their body/ I MEAN young girls want to have good body… thin… and boys want to be muscular. • Problems with friends. • Divorce of parents. • Moving in another school. • Family financial problems. • Dating. • If he or she works and study at the same time. • And the most common is pressure to experiments with alcohol, drugs or sex. Next/ I going to show to you what are the signs of stress? there are some • Poor sleep • Lack of concentration / motivation • Panic attacks • Physical symptoms such as stomach problems, headache and body pain. Everyone experiences stress a little bit differently. Some people become angry and get their stress out in others. Finally/ I am going to give to you a piece of advice to avoid stress. • First and most important. Be realistic, do not try to be another person and don try to be perfect because no one is. • Try your body well. Do exercise and eat healthy. • Avoid illegal drinks and drugs. • Take a break from stressful situations. You can go out, draw, write, read or listen to music. • Also doctor said that spend time with a pet can reduce

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