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Advantages of stress In order to understand better the advantages of stress we must take into consideration that people are different and can deal with stress differently. According to various personalities and strength to deal with the problems, stress situations can help each person differently. Certainly if we ask people about stress, for sure most of them will answer that stress is really harmful in the life of a person and it would be advisable to dismiss the actions that bring people in these situations. To one extent everyone should agree with that case but there is one aspect about stress that we refuse to admit. This is because the negative effects of stress occur in the majority of stress cases. The words 'stress' and 'positive' may not often occur mutually and although people would reasonably have the preference to avoid pressure and stress, we cannot refuse that there some advantages in a stressful situation and we can use it for our own benefit. One of the most important advantages that we encounter from stress is that it makes us to take action. Experts tell us that stress, in reasonable measure, are crucial in our living. Stress reactions are one of our body's best protection systems against external and personal threats. Stress is giving us the advantage to know that an action should be taken immediately in order to succeed in an aspect; the specific problem which is letting our mind and body to destruct us. It would be unattainable to go all the way through living without feeling stressed out. Sometimes stress makes us to take some decision that in normal circumstances we would not imagine that we will take them. Furthermore these actions could turn to be more favorable from the standard decisions. Additionally Stress can be a motivator. There are many examples everyday proving that stress can work for our benefit and motivate people to

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