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Stress What is stress? What exactly causes it? What can one do to cope with or relieve stress that occurs in daily life? These are all questions that psychologists are asking and researching today. Stress is defined as the physical and psychological response to internal or external stressors. Stressors are specific events or chronic pressures that place demands on a person or threaten the person’s well-being. In forming a better understanding of stress, our class was asked to keep a daily stress log for five days of the stressors we experienced throughout the day. We were also asked to identify the type of stressor, rate the degree or intensity of the stress, and describe the strategies we used to cope with the stressor (Schacter, Gilbert, and Wegner 582). From keeping a daily stress log, I found that I experienced a variety of different stressors including stress from classes, relationships, job, heath, sports, money, and communication. The stressors experienced most often were class related issues (60%). In dealing with the different types of stressors, I used a range of coping strategies as well, including positive reappraisal, rational coping, distancing, problem solving, informational support seeking, and internalizing behavior. Of those coping strategies, I most commonly used problem solving (35%). Before filling out the daily stress log, I hypothesized that most of my stress would be from class issues and that the coping strategy I would use the most would problem solving. The reason I was thinking this is because I feel like I am often thinking about homework that I have to do and to deal with that stress, I often change the way I am thinking or change the studying environment around me. My parents have always pressed on me that I am a “student-athlete” and not “an athlete that happens to be a student”, emphasizing that school comes before

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