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NM4002 Applied Science Stress Assignment Using an integrated biopsychosocial approach discusses how stress can affect health, well-being and the maintenance of homeostasis. In this assignment the author will address the effects of stress on an excessive workload during times of job insecurity on a person’s health, their wellbeing and maintenance of homeostasis. Using an integrated bio psychosocial approach the effects stress can have on the human body will be examined and the psychological issues that are raised from prolonged stress, also the sociological aspects of an excessive workload and how this has an effect on family and relationships will also be investigated. The author will also explore and have a better understanding and go more in depth into the General Adaptation Syndrome [GAS]. Stress is part of everyday life which can become or seam as challenging, stimulating or even destructive depending on the situation and the outlook of the person experiencing it (National Health Service, 2011). As stress means different things to different people and that is what is intolerable to one person may be stimulating to someone else. Stress is a subjective response to a range of stimuli, examples of these being, psychological, physical, emotional, social or economic experiences which become problematic if they progress to become unmanageable (Colman, 2006). Stress can affect how you feel, how you think, how you behave and how your body works. Sleeping problems, sweating, loss of appetite and difficulty concentrating are common signs of stress (National Health Services, 2011). Everyone has a limit on what they can cope with and anything that does exceed these levels can cause disruptions and lead to physical, psychological and sociological symptoms. The long term exposure to the physiological results of stress can lead to physical and mental symptoms

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