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Stress Relief Paper This week I chose five of the recommended tools to attempt to relieve stress. Going into this I was actually excited to figure out which ones would workout for me best. With school starting and a lot on my plate I really needed something to help eliminate stress effectively. I chose the first five on the list music, nature, words, exercising, and relaxation. I already did most of these consistently in the day so I was excited to analyze and see which one works out the best for me. I first chose to do music. I usually do this everyday anyways but to connect it with stress was fascinating. Listening to music can actually slow our heart rate and lower blood pressure, and can even decrease our stress hormones. I noticed I began to focus on the lyrics and for those moments I actually dozed off of what was actually going on in my life. The best way to describe it was it just put my life on pause. I did not have to focus on all the homework I have to do later that day or what responsibilities I had. I was able to drift into a haze where just listening to the lyrics was enough. It actually caused me to relax and not feel so anxious. The next stress relief I chose was nature. I went on a walk around the school to attempt to just clear my head and collect my thoughts. I was hoping for a better turnout than what I got. It did not really allow me to clear my thoughts, but only focus more on the things that I needed to take care of. Having to much time alone to just think made me over analyze stressful situations in my life, in return causing more stress. I believe I get energy and release stress from being active and around people. I am a huge extravert and believe this had a huge reason of why I did not find going on a walk a productive way to relieve stress. I then began to analyze my stress levels by journaling for fifteen

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