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Stress Alice Clark-Harris GEN 200 Otis Antoine 06-16-10 Stress Stress is an everyday problem in our lives, and many of us handle with this very differently. Stress usually starts with something small in our lives; it could be from work, money, bills, or even a relationship. Some people think stress is hereditary, or something that just happens, almost like a car accident happens. Stress is like the common cold, one may think, the cold is over with only to see its back tomorrow. They are many effective and none effective ways to manage stress and avoid health problems later in life. Stress helps us with everyday life, if we did not stress there will be no excitement; for example trying to catch the train for work, traffic jams, financial problems, disagreements with a family member, and arguments with their boss, are all are stressors. Stress is a natural response to threats, it is programmed in us for survival and can save us from injury or even worse. Many people see stress as a bad thing, but in actuality some stress is good for us. Stress essentially plays an important part in our lives; it stimulates growth, and creativity. On the other hand stress causes heart disease and high blood pressure. This is a result of not being able to handle stress effectively therefore our work performance is affected; we are no longer concerned with our health, and we are not balancing work and family. Others think it is the result of what happens around us, like the loss of a job; for example the current economic situation. These are only a few ways in which stress affects us. We can start curbing stress by taking responsibility for our actions. Knowing whatever decisions we make today

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