Strengths Nd Weaknesses Essay

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ASSIGNMENT 1 TOPIC MY STRENGTHS AND CHALLENGES REGARDING MY PROGRAM OF STUDY NAME: FATMATA TURAY COURSE: STRATEGIES FOR THE TECHNICAL PROFFESSIONAL I am a strong positive and determine woman, I know I have capabilities that are sometimes enhanced by my strengths and undermine by unsurmountable challenges but above all I strive to ensure that the negativities of life do not weigh me down, listed below are identifiable features of my strengths and challenges MY PERSONAL STRENGTHS: I love to learn. I had always plan on returning to school to continue my education and look for opportunities to expand my knowledge and that is exactly what I am doing now. I am hard-working and determined If something piques my interest, I can be astonishingly dedicated to that work, putting in long hours and intense effort to see an idea through. I am incredibly efficient, and if tasks meet the criteria of furthering a goal, I will always find a way to consolidate and accomplish those tasks. Secondly I am Open-Minded I stay open to new ideas, supported by logic, even if (and sometimes especially if) they prove my previous conceptions wrong. When presented with unfamiliar territory, such as alternate lifestyles, I tend to apply their receptiveness and independence, to these new ideas as well, I can say to a large extent my open-mindedness, determination, independence, confidence and strategic abilities has motivated me and make me capable of doing anything I set my mind to do I excel at analyzing anything life throws my way a typical example in my life is my family’s relocation to the United States of America, transforming from a twelve years central banking career and experience to become a medical professional which I am very much optimistic about CHALLENGES: I am a worrier. Always afraid I will mess something up, so I have learned to check and double check information

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