Strengths And Weaknesses

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International Baccalaureate Essay Strengths and Weaknesses I believe that I, as a student, am open-minded and principled. As an open-minded student, I am capable of perceiving and realizing my flaws and open to perspectives, as well as values, traditions, comments and suggestions of other people and other individuals. With this, I’ll have this as an advantage for me, in a way, due to the fact that I have sought and evaluated various point of views in which allows me to grow and be a better man for others. As a principled student, I see myself being responsible, honest and respectful. I feel that I am more than capable of shouldering my responsibilities, as well as the consequences along with it. I don’t consider myself as a risk-taker because I never really had the courage to take the step in doing something that I am not certain of. I never had the urge to explore and approach unfamiliar situations and uncertainties. If you look through it, not being a risktaker isn’t really that bad because it makes me make sure and double-check everything that I am doing. I do it carefully and seek answers and information first before doing anything, which also makes me inquisitive. As a student, I am also balanced. I always come to a point that I balance everything in school even though when it comes to studies, arts & crafts and social life. Being a thinker may be a possible weakness for me because I usually tend to overthink possibilities. Although I am already able to choose from choices, make decisions, and distinguish whether it’s good or bad. I still am not able to think critically. I see this as a one big flaw in me because it could be an opportunity loss, which no one knows until proven.
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