Strengths and Weaknesses.

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A person’s strengths reflect their overall character. When looking at my character, it is important to consider all of my qualities, whether they are good or bad. For example, I consider responsibility to be a large part of my personal identity. Since responsibility is one of my most important characteristics, many of my strengths derive from it. My strengths are important to consider in my overall personality, the way I relate to other people, and how it affects my career pathways. The important strengths that I have include responsibility, organization, independent work, and my ability to work hard and stay focused. It is easy for me to accomplish tasks while others may try to distract me. For example, in class, I am able to complete my work on time without being sidetracked. I am a well independent worker because I use the amount of time I have appropriately and I follow the instructions with minimal supervision. During class or at home I am able to work alone with the materials and knowledge I have to be successful with what I am told to do. I am also very organized. This helps me to get things done faster and more efficiently. I am able to create a plan and follow it. My organizational skills include writing down notes to keep my information organized. I have the skill of responsibility because I am committed to the learning environment. I manage my own behaviour and during class or in my personal life I complete my work according to agreed-upon timelines. Even though I have my strengths, I have my weaknesses as well. My weaknesses hinder my abilities and are flaws in my personality which could complicate my relationship with others. My biggest weakness is public speaking. When I have to speak in front of others, I can get very nervous no matter how prepared I am. This could be a problem in the future with presentation I may have to

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