Strengths and Weakness Essay

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What are the strengths and weakness you suffer with in your daily life. Some strengths could be the good things you have to encounter and weakness means the daily struggle. You have to try your best at what you do everyday and you have to have a good mindset on what is difficult to you. And in time it won't be as hard. Everyday when i wake up a have a decision weather to stay in bed or get up and start my day right. One of the strengths i suffer throughout my day is the love of football. Whether its playing it, practicing, lifting weights, watching film or just thinking about it. It is a big reason why i enjoy life. Also another strength is interacting with other people. Im really a peoples person i enjoy chilling with my freinds talking and having fun and just relaxing. it really make life more fun when you have a lot of friends and when u are chill most of the time. But some weaknesses are the fact that i get lazy sometimes and i dont feel like doing anything. Sometimes i dont feel like doing something i won't do it or wait to the last minute. That brings me to my other weakness procrastination. For example if i am told to do something by 8:00 i will probably wait into 7:59 to do it. Everyday you have to go through easy and difficult things but every day lok at it as a good thing and just do it it makes it easier to through

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