Strengths And Weakness

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Steven A. Hollingshead Jr. TC Experience Amanda Waddell & Troy Goodale 08/27/2010 How far can I go? When you are younger you think you are as strong and invincible as Superman; however, as the years go by you learn that your invulnerable strength was only a child’s imagination. Growing up you somewhat receive a clear thought as to how far can I go before I drop, but when do you truly understand your body’s strengths and limitations? Does this knowledge occur as an infant, as a child, as a teen, or as an adult? Well, I can tell you where you this knowledge is not; at eighteen. I find that, even at this age of being technically an adult, I am still unaware of how far I can push myself until I have to stop. Strengths and Limitations have been, for as long as I know, a serious question. Because you have people all the time defying the estimated human ability, no one can completely grasp the understanding of how far they can push themselves. I know that with myself, I go past y old limitations on a regular basis. I am always pushing myself to a point where I am better than I was the day before. I have reached an understanding that my strengths and limitations are completely dependent on my will push to be better. These two subjects are reliant only a particular person’s drive to succeed. For example, my weakness is English in school, but I am getting stronger at it because I push myself through limitations rather than give up when I have reached my limit. Knowing how far you can push yourself is a key factor to learn during your growth as a person. You never want to give up and just stop striving to be improved more than you were yesterday, or last week, or last year even. The understanding that you don’t have to kill yourself to be better is a good way to measure your strengths durability. Just remembering that people defy logical strength all
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