Strengths and Limitations of Group Interviews

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The strengths and limitations of using group interviews for investigating social class differences in university entrance. When using group interviews a lot of difference factors can influence a person’s choice about going into university. I will be looking at one of the main factors which is social class. When having group interviews about social class different things can influence what people say. I will assess this in my essay. One strength about having group interviews is that it is a rich source of qualitative data. When doing these interviews there will be around 8 to 10 people in one group. When doing these interviews for a specific subject like social class, you may have a mixture of social classes to see how they react to each other. Gaining qualitative data is a key source of data when trying to get information to prove your theory. So when having several people in a group situation it’s easier to gain this data that having people individually this is because most of our life is spent in groups so it’s important to obtain the information from this source (May, 2001). One limitation of using group interviews is that the interaction within the group can alter people’s opinions when being asked questions. If we have 10 people in a group and you have a mixture of social classes some of the lower social classes will feel uncomfortable around the people with the higher social class. Because of this the people with the lower social class may say something that they think the other people want them to say, rather than saying what they actually want to say. Another strength of using group interviews is that when researching the social classes and the university applicants it can tell us a reason why we don’t see certain social classes in university. When doing these group interviews you can gain crucial information about the reasons why people don’t attend

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