Strength in What Remains Essay

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Summary This summary is about the first couple of chapters of a book called: Strength in What Remains, by Tracy Kidder. This story is about a young man named Deo, who in 1994 came from Burundi in East Central Africa. He boarded a plane fleeing from his country. He had been on the run for several years of his life, as there was a fierce genocidal battle going on between the Rwandans and other tribes in the region. He had thoughts of his life in Burnda and how he had been on the run and silent for 6 months. The Father of a dear friend of his gave him some money to flee the country. Deo met a gentleman named Muhammed at an airport on his way from Cairo to New York. Muhammed helped him get started selling coffee beans in New York. Muhammed and Deo rode the subway and learned the map of the subway system. Deo then got a job delivering groceries. He only know French, so he got a language dictionary and learned the basic, important English words he needed to know so he can sustain a job. For instance, he learned that when he heard the word slow, he would then have to either go stock shelves or go to another store to help there. Deo was working his job delivering groceries, and he would occasionally get detailed out to another store. One day he was riding in the back of a van, and they went around a turn too fast and he was throw against some tools. The driver said “hey, watch out and don’t ruin that broom”. Deo thought of how he wished how he could be treated like a broom. Deo learned signs and addresses on Park Avenue in New York while delivering groceries in a maze of gates and

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