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strength Essay

  • Submitted by: iceberg
  • on January 10, 2009
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Reason is an instrument or tool that use by human to understand one thing. It is a technique to identifying a thing through one’s sense. Actually reasoning is a collective effort by certain people in order to establish an idea or theory. Reason will trigger a big effort among people when they are eager to know something. They also have right to ask about reason if they claim something to know or if they want to clarifying about certain issue.
Reason will trigger a big effort among people when they inquiry to know some knowledge. In new era people tend to ask a reason for any cases that happen surrounding them because they want to know logic explanation about that case. When a person ask to their own self what is happening? How it can be happen? Why it happen? , actually they try to find a reason that can be accepted by mind. That is why through reason it can force someone’s ability to understand the case that was happened.   Reason is actually the integrating of perception into concept and through this integration knowledge will be gain. People who are trying to knowing something through reason will come out with their own perception then this perception will be converted into concept in order to make other people agree with their claim about the case that was happened.   All things in this world need a reason to be occurring. Something cannot be occurred automatically without any factors that stimulate it. In order to get an information about some knowledge, scientist need to seek a reason why this thing can occur. That is why scientific method is constructed to guide them find the reason for some event or phenomenon that was occurred. In a nut shell, reason trigger human to find the truth of knowledge than explain it to other people. Take an example of Sir Isaac Newton. He comes out with his perception that there is energy that pulls down the apple from its tree. This perception is a reason for him to do experiments in order to know what the kind of energy that...

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