Streetcar Named Desire Play Report

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A Streetcar Named Desire is one of the most distinguished plays ever written. Throughout the play, the drama builds and builds as the lies of Miss Blanche DuBois continue to unfold revealing what a phony she is. Tennessee Williams does a fantastic job writing this play to make it interesting no matter the age of the play. The play begins with an estranged woman, Blanche, desperately looking for her sister in a surprise visit. As soon as Blanche engages conversation with her sister, the lies begin to slowly unwind themselves. The intensity builds as Stella, Blanche’s sister, is now married to a man named Stanley who instantly despises everything to do with Blanche. Throughout the play, he decides to take it upon himself to find out anything he can about Blanche and what transpired with the old home of Blanche and Stella’s as Blanche refuses to give a straight answer as to why she lost custody of it. Eventually Stanley discovers the truth about both the house and Blanche’s ‘innocence.’ He confronts her about it which finally sends her all the way off the deep end. The play ends with a doctor and a matron taking Blanche away to an insane asylum as Stella cries as she realizes she has lost her only sister. Throughout the play, a few themes emerged predominantly. First, Blanche seems to use to sex to avoid aging and to avoid the horrid image of seeing her lover with a man and the resulting suicide after her verbal attack on him. The event of her lover killing himself after she said, “I saw! I know! You disgust me…” would traumatize almost anyone. That event took away her sanity and left her with the sounds of the music from the dance floor and the gunshot ringing in her ears years, and years later. Another theme is the necessity of a man in every woman’s life. Stella had Stanley would she wouldn’t leave no matter how horribly he abused her, Eunice had her

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