A Streetcar Named Desire

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A Streetcar Named Desire Analysis of Scene 10 Summary This scene begins a few hours after Mitch’s departure from the house. Blanche stands in front of the mirror with a tiara on her head while flirting with imaginary people in the mirror. She converses with them about taking a swim to help their drunkenness after a late night party. Then Blanche takes a closer look at herself in the hand mirror which upsets her, so she smashes the mirror on the ground. Stanley enters the kitchen, slamming the door. He gives a low whistle while peering at Blanche, because he has also had some drinks that night. Stanley tells Blanche that the baby will not be born until tomorrow, and that he and Blanche will be the only two in the apartment tonight. Stanley inquires why Blanche is dressed up. She explains to him how Shep Huntleigh a former admirer of hers, sent her a telegram, inviting her to come on a cruise of the Caribbean. She explains to him how she emptied her suitcase to look for something to wear in the tropical islands but did not find anything. Stanley seems happy for Blanche and suggests that they have a beer together to celebrate the happy occasion. Stanley goes to his closet and pulls out his silk pajamas that he wore on his wedding night for when the doctor calls and tells him it is a boy. Blanche continues to work herself up by further explaining the story about Shep Huntleigh. She tells Stanley even though she is poor that she is rich in her spirit and has a beautiful mind. Blanche says that she has been foolish lavishing what she has to offer on those that do not deserve it. She then moves on to Mitch and tells Stanley how he came to her with a box of roses to ask forgiveness. She told Stanley how she cannot forgive deliberate cruelty and how her and Mitch are very different people with different attitudes and backgrounds. Stanley confuses Blanche by asking is if

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