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Name: Norma Mellissa Wright Teacher: Ms Bhargav Subject: English Literature Type: coursework Title: ‘A Streetcar Named Desire’ Task: to explore how Tennessee Williams presents Stanley or Blanche to the audience. Consider in your exploration the period the play is set, use of language and stagecraft. The play ‘A streetcar Named Desire’ was set in the time when The Great Depression that the Americans were facing had just ended in the year 1946. During this time blue collar work was being given out, this was a predominant post for the middle class. The play is set in the city of New Orleans just after World War II had ended so things were very expensive as the price of everything, especially oil was going up. As there wasn’t enough jobs to go around, employers didn’t have enough money to pay their staff which means that those who had a job wasn’t making much money. With New Orleans begin such a big city there was a lot a competition for jobs people had to be migrating in and out of the city. In this play I realise that there are four different themes lies/honesty, violence, loneliness and opposing backgrounds. If you notice clearly you can begin to see the theme of loneliness falling in place through the music and language. When the play opens up to the audience the author Tennessee Williams uses sound to describe the effects of what’s taking place in the background. The ‘Blue Piano’ is use to express the spirit of life that takes place in the town. Blue is another expression for sadness, lost deception and hurt which we get to see later on in the play. The music is a representation of the characters’ feelings throughout the play. Williams also uses language to present the play for example the title “ A Streetcar Named desire” the word desire was specifically chosen because it means to long for something or someone with hope with hope for

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