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Street racing, is this a sport or a crime in society? Society sees as a crime, which I won’t lie basically is, but I will never admit that publicly. This is more of a victimless crime then deviance, which is a recognized violation of cultural norms (p.172 chapter 7 deviance). Our criminal justice system has tried cracking down on street racing by using the threat of higher consequences here is a brief list of known ones: Apprehension and arrest on criminal charges, vehicle impounded for up to 30 days, Incarceration, fines, probation, revocation or suspension of driving privileges, and that’s just in Milwaukee (, Illegal street racing). Other states such as California will impound your vehicle and turn it into scrape. That’s just one way of social control. Everyone’s going to have there thoughts and beliefs on this issue, but tell me what makes this an issue? Would society label the elderly couple driving 2 mph in a 35 mph a deviants? Hell no! Durkhhiem claimed that deviance is a normal element of society that affirms cultural norms and values, clarifies moral boundies brings people together, and encourages social change. (Society the basics, chapter 7, pp. 175-176). Well I totally agree with 2 of the listed, racing does bring people together and also encourages social change. How you ask? Well ill tell you, street racing is a social group, and to be in this you group you either have to know somebody or have some money. Racers are also like gangs minus the guns and the cool bandanas, we are mad up of small social groups or car clubs. Each club has it’s own fees and rules, I am actually in clubs, Street certified and Paranoid. Now to social change, Wisconsin offers a form of racing called Autocross. This version of racing is setup in various parking lots in Milwaukee. Cones are laid out

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