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Street Gangs Essay

  • Submitted by: kmacho88
  • on February 27, 2012
  • Category: Social Issues
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Below is an essay on "Street Gangs" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples.

Mid-Term Homework
ENC 0025

1.Why Street Gangs Develop
-The answer to why street gangs develop according to the author, seems to be a bit unclear; However, he gives many theories on why young adults tend to take this path. Some of the them start by: Not having the parental support in their homes, the absence of a role model to look up to, the absence of a male in their household,   constant family stress, extreme poberly and probably the most popular one is peer presure. Many times in order for a person to be part of a gang, they have to prove treir loyalty first by killing somebody on their list, by stealing something for them, or just by being the medium for a business transaction. Money plays a big issue, the easy life destroys people and the worst thing is that some of them, really think that they are invinsible and the power get them light headed. Poor Stupid   Ignorants.... I grew up in this atmosphere and a good set of parents or one only, just like i had, makes a big difference as mention before. Even if you make twenty defferent roads signifying every possibility mention on why do gangs develop, all of them will begin with ingnorance and will end up with the suffer of you loved ones.
-Factors on why they become Gang Members.
-Why some people jpin and not others.
Family absence.

2.Practice 3, page 253.
Work stress solutions
-Every person at a given point will have the need to consult somebody for an advise, for a conforting word, and what would be best than to consult somebody with experience in that specific subject, someone that can fully understand you, a person that has been in your shoes and suffered and enjoy what your living, and finally make a wise decicion by putting all this elements together.
The Case for debt.
-All credit card companies have created so many profitable ways of dealing with customers, specially with new customers. All of us are subject to fall into a braket of painfull interest   depending on our credit...

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