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Savory, mouth-watering tamales, fresh elote, and hot, steamy tacos al pastor: all part of the nationwide street culture of Mexico. No matter where one would walk, there will always be a street vendor selling delicious, homemade food. This way of making a living has become a tradition for most Mexican families. Whenever I visit my Mexican girlfriend, her family always has heart-warming food set on the table. She says these typical dishes can be found in the main streets of her home town. People rarely drive cars there; they usually walk. As they walk, they always come across a street food vendor. The food is relatively cheap and very filling. One can complete a full meal for two in under 5 US dollars. She says her favorite street food would be elote. It is basically corn on a cob. She likes hers to be in a cup; the fresh elote is then mixed with mayonnaise, cream, shredded cheese, lemon, and powdered chili. She states that street food is a great way to get authentic Mexican food and experience the true flavors of Mexico. She also described how street food is a way for people to come together. Her town is quite small and almost everyone knows each other. When she walks down to the plaza, she always comes across a friend. They end up catching up while they eat. People can grab a beer or something sweet to pass the time. Whenever there is a holiday, mostly everybody is out on the streets celebrating and eating the tasty food. There are many different types of street food vendors. There are the ones who sell beverages like beer, soft drinks, or the all famous Horchata, which is a drink consisting of rice, milk, and cinnamon. Other vendors sell something simple like elote or tamales. In my opinion, I think tamales are a delectable snack because there are different types of meat and/or vegetable fillings; my favorite being the spicy pork. If one wants something more

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