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A Streetcar Named Desire Scene 6 Analysis In this scene, many allusions are depicted revolving around Blanche. The Pleaides was the first allusion to be encountered as quoted by Blanche “Looking for the Pleiades, the Seven Sisters” (102). The Pleiades were seven the daughters of Titan Atlas and the ocean nymph Pleione, they were a group of stars. Unlike the Pleiades, Blanche is alone. Even though she has a sister, it is understood that Stella, her sister sides with Stanley against her. Only six of the seven stars are clearly visible to the naked eye. It was explained by one of the Greeks’ stories that one of the sisters deserted her other sisters, to take a mortal husband. This relates to how Blanche thinks of Stella, because Stella is the one who left Belle Reve for New Orleans where she met Stanley The phrase « Je suis la Dame aux Camellias! Vous êtes- Armand » (104) which was said by Blanche is an allusion to the play “Camille” by: Alexandre Dumas. The play is about a lady who is a courtesan who forsakes Armand. In this case, Blanche may have foreseen her relationship with Mitch in the same manner. The similarity Blanche and the “Lady of Camillias” is that they are both frail and are tainted by past sexual indiscretion with idealistic young men who are still trying to find true love and a new chance in life. When Blanche says “We are very Bohemian...” (104), the term Bohemian is the allusion itself. A bohemian is a person who lives an artistic lifestyle, who places freedom of self-expression above all other desires. Blanche fantasizes that her and Mitch are somewhere else, living the bohemian lifestyle.. When Blanche says: “Samson! Go on, lift me” (107), it is an allusion in comparing Mitch to Samson. In biblical terms, Samson was blessed by the lord with great strength which could only be maintained if he stayed faithful, did not consume

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