Street Car Named Desire

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A Street Car Named Desire Analysis The setting of the play “A Street Car Named Desire” occurs in the city of New Orleans, it is a play about a sensitive woman named Blanche who lies about her life, gives off illusions full of fantasy's she could never have realistically. Her family’s plantation, Bella Reve, was lost due to some financial affairs. She has nothing to lose now, so she decides to move to the city to stay with her sister Stella and her rough, rude, blue-collar husband Stanley. As the play advances, because of Blanche's flimsy identity, the audience begins to feel for her own despairing life. Stanley, who has mistrusted and loathed her since her arrival begins to deteriorate her self-esteem everyday of her life by continually engaging in harsh arguments with her, and talking down about her to her own sister. Blanche also has a big sexual problem that also causes people to reticule her about her past. Her sexual desire, the lust for men and love all causes her downfall. Blanche’s character in this play represented a weak and fragile woman in need of a man. In the beginning of the play, she witnesses her husband sleeping with an older man. After her confrontation with him, he runs outside and commits suicide by putting the gun through his mouth outside in public. Blanche felt that the secret was out about her husband’s gay affair so she becomes extremely provocative to show and feel that she is still desired. In this case it shows that she is very weak and cannot hold up without having a man. When she loses all her many in her promiscuous ways, she decides to go stay with her sister Stella and her husband Stanley. They live in a two story apartment with Steve and Eunice another couple. In this play, there is a lot of drinking going on which had to do with a lot of rage and anger running through the household. Stanley and Blanche

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