Street Booklet Analysis

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Audience | * ABC Radio National audience (educated, socially aware/interested) * One way medium. No opportunity for her to gauge the audience’s response | Arguments | * Progress the rights of women in post ww II society. * Substantive and motivation reasons used (ability of women as witnessed throughout war period, happiness of women, need to support responsibilities of women, right to choose, potential contributions of women to society, need to improve conditions for all in post war period, financial quality for both sexes * Explicit values: feminism * Implicit values: power withheld from females by males, democracy can’t exist if women aren’t equal in society * Power held by men * For Australia but universal message * Lasting value in terms of feminist values. | Style | * Personal political position is established through ‘I’, and ‘me’. ‘Her’ used to represent all women in society. * Simple, easily understood language employed * Self and opposition clearly defined through modality. | Distinctive Voices Feminist – speaks for all women about their social advancement Lobbyist – calls for social change and recognises the direction and needs of a post- war nation Democrat – looking for democratic ideas to prevail Structure 1. Questions around the experience of women in post WWII Australia posed 2. Warns of the prospects (fascism) if women’s opportunities are restricted. 3. Home life examined and deconstructed. 4. Women as contributors to public life 5. Women as part of rebuilt efforts 6. Summary of arguments posed. Stylistic Features Tone | Passionate about conditions affecting women | “ Why should a women do all the work in the home?” Voice- created through the word choice, through use of techniques such as emotive language to create a passionate voice also uses modality | | Bold when considering the importance of

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