Street Artists Rise to Financial Success Essay

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Street Artists Rise To Financial Success Street artists tend to look for the beauty in everything around them. They work to enhance the beauty in the simplistic surroundings. Many street artists start out at the bottom and are never discovered; yet there are a few exceptions that have become extremely successful. Street artists, such as, Fairey, Morley, and Banksy began as unheard of artists, trying to communicate a message through art. However, thy are now both recognized as artists and are financially successful due to their art work. Fairey is a street artist that has grown very popular since he first began his public art. Emerging from the skateboarding scene, Fairey was first recognized due to his “Andre the Giant Has a Posse” sticker campaign, which spread throughout the United States rapidly. Faireys’ most famous piece of work is his Hope poster used in the 2008 Obama election campaign. “The fame of the Shepard Fairey poster… is easy to understand even at first glance” (Craven 644). After printing these posters, Fairey sold over 350, and put up another 350. He also distributed another 4,000 before the Election Day. Fairey has since then created a skateboard and clothing company called OBEY, and has been profiting off of that since 2001. Faireys’ art has not been undermined since his success has grown. Fairey still believes that the art is about the message not the profit. In Comparison, street artist, Morley, set out to communicate a message rather than to make a profit, but has ended up doing both. At first, Morley wanted to inspire people with funny and uplifting slogans. He began small, by posting pictures all over New York subway cars and all around the city itself. Once he moved to Los Angeles, Morley realized he needed to expand his art. He began to sell his prints for over $300 and he became a widely known artist in just a couple of years.

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