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The media has played a big role in developing Street Art since the 1980’s. We are now living in a society where technology and the media, influence us greatly, with social media sites such as twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr being popular amongst the younger generation and having widespread access to street art, street art has developed into a popular culture. Just before the 1980’s street art was known on a more, local basis for individuals. Now that the media has developed dramatically over the years it’s also helped to develop street art in a positive way. Street artists are now able to be recognized on a global scale because of social media. An example of this would be street artists such as banksy, born in the UK, his street art is now recognized globally, and he is able to travel all around the world to create street art that has influenced and inspired people as well as other street artists. Banksy has been able to create his very own Instagram account as well as Facebook and twitter account allowing access for people all around the world to see. This allows artists such as banksy himself, to upload pictures of his work anywhere, anytime and have thousands and millions of people see across the world. This has valued the price of how much his art is selling at his gallery and exhibitions because of how popular his works are. Street Artists can also promote their work through the media, by putting ads and articles on the newspaper about their work. This is a vital tool, some street artists depend on to promote their work, and use newspaper advertisements or articles to inform people about gallery openings and showcases. Because of how largely the media has been able to influence the development of street art, and how easy it is to access the works of street artists, people have become so inspired and view street artists as heroes in society. Street

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