Strees In My Life Essay

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Managing stress was an obstacle for me. First at the beginning I had a lot of anxiety but, after the first week had passed things got a little easier to bare. The results were very interesting. At first I was very stressed about everything that came in my path, like I started off with a thing's to do list and I started to follow it then amazingly I would put it up and not look at anymore, that was the first week of the project. Then what I did was put myself on the point system, if I accomplish everything that needs to be done for the week I could relax and do something that I enjoy doing like going to the movies. The physical, emotional and mental benefits that I achieved were that I learned to take care of only what my means will handle. I also care of what’s most important to the least important. That saves me a lot of headache. I feel less anxiety means I’m not easy to get angry, because I know what needs to be addressed for that week and there’s no need to get all bent out of shape. Knowing what I know now I wish that I would have used these tactics in some of my passed issues so that I would not have been easily frustrated with accomplishing certain tasks. What I learned about myself was that if I take my time and be more organized in my tasks, I won’t forget anything and I will feel more at ease. What I learn about myself is that I am easier going if I take my time and organize everything that need to get done. What happens is that when I miss an appointment or any task that I have that need to be done I feel very anxious and very easy to get angry. Based on the experience and my behavior another thing that I would change would be that I have to live for the here and now I can’t do anything about passed issues that I was not able to meet because they are here and gone and that’s just the way of the world we

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