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Stress Katie N Harris University of Kentucky • Organizational Pattern: Chronological • Speech Title: Stress • General Purpose: To inform • Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the causes of stress, the effects of stress and what can help reduce stress • Central Idea: We are going to discuss first the factors that lead to a stress, what happens to the body as a result of stress, and what one can do to help reduce stress Introduction 75% of the population experiences some sort of stress every two weeks, according to the national health interview survey. It is fair to say that every one in this room has undergone stress at some point in their life, whether is be over something small like a school assignment or large like the decision of where to go to college. Today, we are going to discuss the causes of stress, the effects of stress and what can reduce stress. My interest on speaking about stress arose from my many visits to the doctor office. The fact that I want to be a doctor in the future causes me to ask many questions in the medical field. It has been found that many doctors’ visits are associated with stress in some way. To help you understand stress as a whole we will discuss what factors lead to stress, what the body undergoes as a result of stress and what can help reduce the amount of stress. Transition Sentence Now that we have gone over the preview we can move onward into my first main point of the causes of stress. I. There are two factors that cause stress, one being an outside force and one being an internal trigger. A An outside force can cause stress, such as major life changes, work, one that you all can relate to is school 1. according to a recent UCLA survey of college freshman, more than 30% of all college freshman report feeling overwhelmed - a great deal of the

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